Workshop Room Line Up 

*All workshops are FREE unless otherwise indicated. Rooms will be fully cleared between workshops to allow for equal opportunity seating. Seating is limited. 

Sunday 4:45-5:15 

FREE 30 Minute Workshop

Bellydance Intro

Come join Accalia Robertson for this intro workshop into the art of Bellydance! All are welcome! 

A Dance Manitoba Gold Award recipient and Manitoba Arts Council grant recipient, Accalia is the founder and director of Deep Roots Strong Dance® dance company. Based in Manitoba, she offers professional bellydance performance, bellydance classes and workshops, and she also directs dance compositions through various projects. Accalia continues to collaborate within the bellydance community and the greater Arabic-Canadian community in Manitoba. She has choreographed, directed and performed for The Arabic-Canadian Heritage Celebration, at weddings and restaurants across Manitoba – and at Festivals across Canada! Forever a student of dance and life, she strikes a beautiful balance of pure artistic channeling of the essence of the dance, and ongoing investment towards technical excellence.

Saturday 10:30am-11:00am 

FREE 30 Minute Workshop 

Love Yourself: A Body Positive Workshop 

Join Bernie Feakes, Co-Organizer of Balanced Life Experience, as she shares her personal story and reminds you of the beautiful soul you are.

Her workshop ends with a short guided meditation to start the day off right.

Sunday 2:00pm-2:30pm 

FREE 30 Minute Workshop

Bio-Emotive Circling Exercise

Join Alexandra Tataryn & Dr.Doug Tataryn (C.Psych) as they introduce you into Bio-Emotive Framework Exercises for deeper healing.

Saturday 1:00pm-4:00pm 

Cost: $25 *Please pre-register by October 11th! Read below

Fundraising Workshop

Healing Ourselves and The Power of Art

“Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” 
― Eleanor Brownn

Do you find you are constantly striving for that feeling of being “in balance”? Our society can be so demanding on our time and energy – a constant draining occurs. It is challenging to pause, to slow down, to allow ourselves time to do the things we truly LOVE to keep our cups filled up and prevent burnout. 

I am honoured to present this healing workshop here on Treaty 1 Territory, at the Balanced Life Experience. All welcome! Join in on a unique, fun, interesting, hands-on experience that is about taking care of YOU. Participants will begin with a smudge with sage and learn more about this sacred medicine and the “how and why” of this ancient cleansing practice. We will discover the critical importance of regular self-care, we will engage in self-reflection (what is important to YOU?), and will learn some new tools to draw from as you create a personal, unique list of ideas related to your health and wellness.
We will talk about healing from a traditional perspective and will take a look at the Medicine Wheel as a visual way to “check in” – emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually – exploring a powerful way to visualize finding that “balance” we all strive for.

As a participant in this workshop, you will learn about the many health benefits of spending time being creative. We will then be led through the creation of a unique painting with plenty of guidance and options to make your painting your own. Painters will use a variety of tools to achieve different effects with paint, and will be encouraged to follow intuition as they paint.
The hope is that this piece of art will be full of symbolism and energy that we will paint right into our art – to serve as a visual reminder to slow down and take time to do those things that fill your cup. Aprons provided and an upbeat music soundtrack – we will nurture our spirit as we experience the feeling of flow, connection to spirit, and the healing power of art!

You will come away feeling relaxed, creative, “full-cup”, and more importantly, we will feel motivated to take regular action on your own self-care so that you are better able to maintain your inner fire, to have courage to take action, and to bring good energy with you everywhere you go.

Kisa MacIsaac is a Métis mother of three children, a life-long artist, a workshop facilitator, an Early Childhood Educator, and lover of nature and the outdoors. She is trained as an Ethics Guide with MCCA and has been guiding Ethics workshop since 2008, and has been leading self-care painting workshops since 2015. It was early 2015 when Kisa learned about healing from a traditional Indigenous perspective, from Janet Fox (Mahkesis Consulting). Kisa acknowledges that this workshop does not belong to her – it is adapted from these teachings with enthusiastic blessings from Janet, and also incorporates teachings and research from many others! 
The idea for creating this workshop came about with a seed – the idea that being creative is one way to help feel in balance. Shortly after this realization, along with facilitating a painting workshop for the first time – this workshop was developed, and her business was born shortly after: Power of Painting – Workshops and Art by Kisa. 

Cost $25
$5 from each ticket will go to Save a Dog Network Canada/Rescue Siamese 

Etransfer accepted.

Please send EMT to to reserve your spot! Password – healing

Sunday 5:30pm-6:00pm

FREE 30 Minute Workshop

Mantra Meditation with Dr.Nandita Selvanathan 

Mantra Meditation is an age old practice in India and is regularly practiced even today. Mantras composed in the ancient language Sanskrit, when repeated help us in de-stressing the body and mind. A mantra is one of the most common objects used for meditation and one of the most powerful ones too. 
Mantra meditation uses the three elements of sound, rhythm and speech with the aim of pacifying, purifying and transforming your body and mind.
Chant the calming Mantras along with guided meditation to de-stress and energize your body, mind and soul.

Dr. Nandita Selvanathan is born and brought up in the holy city of Varanasi, India where Indian Art and Culture thrives. Her grand parents and parents were highly educated and followed Indian culture very closely. Nandita learnt about Indian cuisine and culture while acquiring her Ph.D in Microbiology.  She along with her family came to Canada after working in Europe and UK. Here she has been teaching about Indian Culture in the form of Kirtan, Mandala making, mythological story telling, Henna and also about delicious and nutritious Indian cuisine. Currently, she is developing a holistic approach towards health, happiness and well being for all.

Sunday 11:15am-12:15pm

FREE 60 Minute Workshop

The Power of the Personal Story with Casia Schreyer

Storytelling binds people together, it transcends race and culture and even time. And the best stories are the ones we can feel a personal connection to. What makes these personal stories so powerful? What draws us to them as readers and listeners? And how do we tell our stories in a way that will let us connect to others, even people we don’t personally know?

Join local author and writing instructor, Casia Schreyer, as she explores the myriad of forms the personal story can take on. Learn how to craft them, and when to use them, to connect, network, heal, and inspire.

Sunday 3:00pm-4:00pm 

FREE 60 Minute Workshop

Fermented Drinks: Your Belly’s Best Friend

Health Coach Ashley Pharazyn of My Quaint Traditions is passionate about gut health. She believes that food is medicine and knows that food was a major part in healing leaky gut and candida overgrowth in her body. On her healing journey Ashley discovered cultured foods. Now a part of her daily life she wants to share how simple and easy it is to get fermented foods and drinks into your body every single day.
During her Fermented Drinks – Your Belly’s Best Friend workshop Ashley will be covering the health benefits of both kombucha and kefir. The difference between the cultures that make these drinks. How to care of the cultures and how simple and easy it is to make your own kombucha and kefir at home. Kits to make kombucha and water kefir will be available for purchase all weekend long at the Balanced Life Experience. 

Ashley works one on one with women helping them break free from the fast lane. The focus of Ashley’s program to the find a daily rhythm that works for clients, as balance can be difficult to achieve and maintain. Ashley helps inspire clients to de-clutter their homes and lives, find daily movement they enjoy and shares how to create nourishing meals. Her practice has two programs, getting the body baby ready and getting rid of candida.

Saturday 6:30pm-8:00pm

FREE 90 Minute Workshop

Gain Physical & Emotional Well-Being through Emotional Processing & Clarity 

Join Dr.Doug Tataryn (C.Psych), a trained and experienced Clinical Psychologist for this amazing workshop and Bio-Emotive Circling Exercise led by Alexandra Tataryn. 

This is a must-attend workshop for those looking for deep healing for themselves.

Sunday 10:15am-10:45am

FREE 30 Minute Workshop 

Falun Dafa Association of Winnipeg 

The ancients believed that through disciplined spiritual practice, a human being is capable of transcending ordinary existence. They sought a higher state of being, free from the suffering and illusions of the ordinary world.

Attaining this state required moral rectitude, the severing of desires, and the use of special meditative techniques to renew both mind and body.
These traditions were quietly passed down over the ages from masters to disciples.

Join the Falun Dafa Association of Winnipeg as they talk about their non-profit organization and the benefits of their exercise practices. 

Sunday 12;45pm -1:45pm 

FREE 60 Minute Workshop

Secrets to a Happy Relationship: The Power of Affective Communication

Many people find it challenging to communicate effectively to their significant others, family members and loved ones, particularly when they are upset or want to speak about matters close to their heart.

A common communication strategy is for each person to be assertive (without being aggressive), each taking responsibility for having their views and needs known. While much better than fighting, this still tends to polarize the people and consensus is often reached through compromise. There is another option.

In this presentation Dr. Tataryn, a Ph.D. in psychology, long time researcher, executive and entrepreneurial coach, and clinical practitioner, will overview the Bio-Emotive Framework which he developed over the last 30 years. He will speak to how curiosity and the use of inter-personal and core feeling words can be a very effective style of communication that not only resolves conflict but also helps closer to each other, coming to share a deep authentic heart space.

“Affective Communication is Effective Communication”

Dr. Douglas J Tataryn

Ali Tataryn


Saturday 4:30pm-6:00pm 

FREE 90 Minute Workshop

Awareness is Power: How to Reclaim Your Sovereignty Through Symbol Literacy

Did you know that symbols are being used against us and are taking away our free will of choice?

Logos, images and symbols may seem like harmless marketing tools, but the cumulative and subliminal effect of them become embedded in our psyche unless we take measures to combat this through symbol literacy.

Throughout the course of our day, we interact with as many as 10,000 symbol-loaded ads without giving them a conscious thought. This deliberate social and sensory engineering shapes our perception of ourselves and the world, whether we know it or not.

Join us for this workshop as we uncover the hidden language of symbols, the power they wield, and how to take back control of your mind.

By seeing the world with symbol literacy you can begin to see with clarity, and greater awareness of what you take in, and more importantly, create your own meaning that will empower you to reclaim your freedom.

Natalie Reimer Anderson and Beth Martens are the creators of the Reclaiming Paradise Sisterhood movement. Specializing in symbol literacy, myths and archetypes, we expose the tools of mental enslavement and guide our people to increase their awareness, reclaim their lost energy and go forward to raise the consciousness in their own communities.

Their programs are especially powerful for leaders, creatives and ground-breakers who feel in many ways that they are standing on the threshold of paradise, but don’t know how to enter. But symbol literacy can benefit anyone who desires greater freedom for all, and knows that it begins with them.

Together they have nearly 30 years of collective experience teaching, coaching and playing leading roles in our communities, Natalie as a highly sought-after Self-Love and Health Coach and Beth as an International Business, Releasing and Archetype Coach.

Visit to take a short quiz and find out your top Paradise Archetype.

Saturday 11:30am-12:30pm

Free 60 Minute Workshop

3 Simple Steps For Getting Past the Fear of Being Seen, Heard and Valued

for Who You Really Are

You’ll find the best vegas world in this article, you might have time frame to get it!It’s our deepest desire and our biggest fear is that we will be seen for who we really are.

The best offer for gamblers free casino slots online. Come on. Increased chance of winning! While we carry this unconscious fear that stops us from revealing ourselves, at the same time we desperately need this for having satisfying, intimate relationships and a meaningful place in society that’s on point with our sacred purpose.

Join me for this Balanced Life Experience workshop where I will be telling my story of how being seen for my sacred purpose is a life or death thing for me, and how I overcame a 3 year fight with cancer by working with archetypes. Only here you are always pleasant, along with magic kingdom slot altogether identical!

You will learn 3 steps for getting past your fear of being seen and valued for your authentic self, how it’s intimately tied with your life’s calling and why it’s more important now than ever to be divinely aligned with your truth and those that need the hear it.

Business coach, archetype reader, singer/songwriter and ‘MerPreneur Journey’ creator, Beth Martens’ survived a stage 4 lymphoma by working with archetypes. Since then she helps healers, coaches and artists who are passionate about seeing humanity return to its natural freedom, to create divinely aligned businesses that serve the greater good. A Mermaid at heart, she loves to support gifted women to go to their depths so they can make their big or small contribution and get paid to live their purpose in a sustainable way.

Visit her at​to hear her story and do a free MerPreneur Archetype Quiz to learn where you are on the Journey.

Contact: 204-227-9157